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Colombia Hacienda Curazao From $20.00

As the highest grade of Colombian Supremo, you would expect this to be a really nice coffee, and it certainly is.  It has body, depth, caramel, fruit, sweetness, intensity and complexity.

Hacienda Curazao is owned and operated by the Jaramillo family, and has been in the same family for over 100 years. Previously a beef and fruit property, coffee was planted there by Marcello Jaramillo about 45 years ago. An avid agronomist, Marcello capitalised on the incredibly rich soil of Colombia with his attention to producing the highest quality coffee. The cherries which produce this Supremo grow right under his eye, and Marcello is out among the trees on a daily basis checking their health. Early in the morning it’s possible to see Marcello’s big round hat bobbing on the skyline of the ridge over the house as he walks the farmlot. On a recent trip to Curazao we were very impressed with the old school traditional techniques Marcello brings to production and processing. Colombia might be a big producer, and Marcello may produce a lot of coffee in his holdings, but he’s extremely serious about doing things by hand where possible and using technology where appropriate to create this crafted bean.

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